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Sustainability means valuing people

Sustainability at Husch is about people just as much as it is about ecosystems. A farm needs to provide a lifestyle for those who tend the vines and make the wines.

Grandkids Amanda and Zac continue this farming tradition at Husch with this deeper vision for sustainability.

If you work full time at Husch we pay 100% of your health insurance premiums. And 100% for your spouse. And 100% for your kids. Our grandfather started this tradition and the grandkids keep it alive. When you buy a case of Husch you are buying health insurance for 13 employees and 18 dependents.

People who work at Husch tend to stay at Husch. Some of us started work at the winery in the mid 1970s! The 1980s saw a big crop of recruits still working to this day. In fact, some of our “new” hires in the early 2000s get no respect because they have “only” worked at Husch for 20 years!

It is a sad fact that farmworkers have a lower minimum wage than other industries. In California farmworkers are also exempt from many overtime benefits. This legal discrimination has no place at Husch. We hire farmworkers at wages that value vineyard work. When the day runs long (as it often does in farming) the 50% overtime bonus kicks in at 8 hours -- just like it does for office workers. You will not find these practices at many vineyards.

Learn more about Husch’s other sustainable practices: No-till farming * Conservation * The Light Touch * Valuing Old Vines

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