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Farming with a "light touch"

We have learned that our vineyard is an organism that has to co-exist with the natural ecosystems that surround it and the farmers who tend the vines. With this vision in mind we farm with a “light touch” so everything stays in balance.

One example of our “light touch” is our firm prohibition of any farm chemicals that are EPA classified as “danger” or “warning”. Some of these chemicals are certified as organic, but they don't meet our own definition of a light touch. Many wine drinkers ask specifically about Round-Up. Our answer: It is banned at Husch.

The light touch is an important part of our no-till approach and our conservation practices.

All vineyards worldwide are challenged by mildew and must choose a program to control this pesky fungus. At Husch our light touch means we choose sulfur dust instead of modern chemical fungicides. The bright yellow powder is an important soil nutrient, so every time we apply the dust to the vines we are adding a small sulfur boost to our soils. It’s a win-win.

We fertilize our vines by injecting nutrients into our drip system -- so we don't burn unnecessary diesel to run a tractor through the vineyard with the fertilizer. We compost our pruning clippings in place, rather than burn them. We attack our nastiest invasive weeds with a shovel rather than a squirt bottle.

We have learned, after decades of farming, that our light touch means better fruit for winemaking. It also means our vines are strong, drought resistant, better equipped to fight disease, and healthy enough to survive decades longer than a conventional vineyard. Healthy practices lead to quality wines.

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